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Frequently Asked Questions: I Can't Send Email
Q  My email is stuck in the Outbox
A  Since March 2005 - in an effort to control SPAM, VIRUSES, and WORMS...many DSL Providers have Locked Down thier Email Servers (e.g. SMTP Servers), and blocked all ports on their servers without ever notifying their customers. Hence, one day your email just stops sending.
    To Name A Few:
  • SBC/Yahoo DSL
  • Quest DSL
  • Verizon DSL
What Does This Mean? - well it means that you are being forced to "identify" yourself to their Outgoing Mail Server, before it will send your mail.

The Fix - is a very simple process actually, once you know what the issue is and how to go about fixing it.
    The Steps
  1. Find your account information (Login & Password) for your DSL Provider (e.g. usually and master email account & password).
  2. GoTo your email Account Properties on OutLook or Outlook Express - and set your outgoing mail server to your DSL providers outgoing server. (e.g. smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.net)
  3. Check the box - [x]Outgoing Mail Server requires authentication
  4. Click the [Advanced] button
  5. Enter the email addres given to you by your DSL provider and then enter the password.
  6. Go ahead and test the new settings.
  7. Contact your DSL providers tech support for instructions on how to setup your outgoing mail server settings.
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