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How Do I Setup My Email Account(s): Index
I Can't Send Email

Frequently Asked Questions: How Do I Setup My Email Account(s)
Q  How Do I Setup My Email Account(s)
A  GoDaddy - SecurePaynet.net: Tutorials

Toydata Technologies in an effort to provide you with superior support and service is now working with GoDaddy to provide your organization the most robust email services available on the internet today.

The following tutorials are based on image maps.  The screenshots are clickable.  Just click the relevant part of the image to move to the next step, as the tutorials will instruct.  These steps mirror those in the actual programs so that when you setup the real software you will already be familiar with the process.

POP Tutorials

24/7 Technical Support: (480) 505-8877

If you need assistance please make sure you have your email address and password available for our customer service representatives.

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