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Providing Complete Data Integration for the Specialty Toy Industry

Our mission is to create the largest and most affordable online marketplace for the specialty toy industry, supporting business-to-business communications between Manufacturers, Retailers and Sales Representatives. Toydata Technologies provides the data integration and web site services to streamline the deployment of manufacturer product data to both sales organizations and retailers.

Our system is designed to allow Manufacturers the convenience of providing product data and receiving electronic orders from sales organizations in a single, consistent format, to import that data directly to their accounting software. Toydata Technologies can provide the "heavy lifting" by delivering a customized data coverter for each manufacturer to produce a ToyData Certified data feed, thereby allowing the manufacturer to utilize their existing data formats for a simple, inexpense IT solution that doesn't restrict sales organizations or retailers to a single accounting or sales package.

Sales Organizations and Retailers also benefit from our web services, which provide them with the most current manufacturer product data available. Sales Organizations can easily import pricelist and product data into multiple sales applications, today, using ToyData Certified software applications. Retailers can utilitize this data to promote products on their own web sites, by using Toydata web services to eliminate much of the maintenance required to keep a product line current with what they inventory.

Benefits for your business
  • Control product content all the way to the retailer and what the consumer sees
  • Receive electronic orders and provide order status back to the field
  • Provide online ordering capability for your sales organizations and distributors
  • Support multiple sales software applications and empower sales organizations and retailers with your product data at their fingertips with a single integration and certification process
  • Broadcast email service
  • Increase sales and productivity!
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Sales Organizations and Distributors
  • Receive new pricing data as often as the manufacturer updates it, automatically, to your ToyData certified web site.
  • Provide online ordering capabilities for your retailers
  • Import and export data to and from ToyData certified sales software
  • Broadcast email service
  • Increase sales and productivity!
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  • Straightforward web site setup, complete with product images and information
  • Automated pricing tools
  • Online shopping cart and featured items
  • Import and export data to and from ToyData certified sales software
  • Broadcast email service
  • Integration capabilities with online shopping malls and portals such as SHOP.COM
  • Increase sales and productivity!
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Software Companies
Do you provide software for POS, inventory management and tracking, retail management, or sales reps? Certify your application with ToyData Technologies to fully support your clients' needs!

ToyData Certification
Solving the Toy Industry Data Bottleneck

Finally, a process that integrates vertical market segments, providing streamlined data management from the manufacturer through sales organizations to the retailer, and ultimately, the consumer. Find out more!

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